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this is the English version of the newsletter concerning the redheads gathering on September 7th, 2008, in Breda, the Netherlands. The Dutch version is over here. In this newsletter you will find info on the event, and some practicalities too.

Enjoy reading!

Bart (bart@bartart.com)



Readhead Art day 2007

foto 709

On September 2nd 2007, about 800 natural redheads attended a meeting in Breda, which gave the city a special atmosphere.

If you like to see and hear about it (in Dutch only) see the broadcast of Dutch national television NOS [link], RTL [link], Omroep Brabant [link], or search google [link].

If you did attend the redhead gathering 2007 yourself, you might want to recieve the group photo. Send me an email with your address, and I will send a 30 by 20 cm (12" by 8") to you, for free. You can see ten different examples of the photo's at [www.bartart.com/foto.htm].

Website www.roodharigen.nl

Reinier: www.dunkt.nl


While you are reading this, someone is working hard. Reinier wants to create a new cutting edge redhead website. His creation of last year can still be seen at www.roodharigen.nl, but in a month or so it will be completely different.

Some features of the new website: Reinier want to provide each redhead a profile-page, with the possibility to send each other messages. There will be a forum too, a graphical overview of the redheads that will attend next meeting, and a graphical interface to sign up for specific activities with a limited number of attendees.


Red Hair day 2008

photo 608

photo 745

photo 753

The last meeting in 2007 was a perfect preparation for next meeting. Anything that went wrong (but which most attendees did not notice) will be fine this time. And the event will be bigger, more interesting, and more surprising.

This year, on September 7th, we want to welcome 2500 real redheads, and an large number of activities to choose from.

Already 1500 people signed up (March 2008) from 12 countries: Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, UK, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Switserland, US, Canada, and Australia. There are activities planned for all ages: exhibitions, dance workshops, paint workshop for 300 children, lectures on genetics and social status of redheads, info on cosmetics, special actions of cafés and restaurants, photoshoots to participate in etc etc.

Already 100 artists volunteered up to contribute to this event. There are painters, photographers, singers, musicians, statue makers, etc etc. They will show you, let your hear, let you feel and let you taste how special redheads are.



Hidde de Brabander had some long thoughts about that, and developed a recipe. Hidde is not just somebody, he is a top patissier. He creates great cakes and desserts for top restaurants in the Netherlands and Belgium.

He will give you, and all other redheads, his redhead dessert. In order to cater all redheads, he will make no less than 3000 desserts and hand them out with a small crew.

Incredible? Yes indeed. But there are more incredible plans and there you don't even know :)




Since you read this text in English, it is likely that you do not live in Breda. If so, and if you consider attending the meeting, there are some things that you might want to know.

Traveling to Breda is easy by road or train if you live in a neighboring country. In the inner-city of Breda there are enough parking space to park your car near to a hotel. Hotels can be arranged by the friendly people of the tourist office Breda (www.vvvbreda.nl). There are some great hotels right in the middle of the historic center. If you  fly to Holland, you can choose between flying to Amsterdam, or Bruxelles (Belgium). Both airports are about 100 km from Breda. Use train to come to Breda, public transport is of very good quality.

If you fear that your ability to speak Dutch is rather limited, know that 99% of the Dutch population speaks English, and welcomes foreigners. We are used to the fact that only a very limited number of people in this world speak our language.

The official program starts at Sunday September 7th, at 11.00 with the opening words at multiple locations around Breda. At 12.00 is something you really don't want to miss: the general group-photo shoot.
For redheads from far away who will spend the night from Saturday to Sunday in Breda, there is a diner planned at Saturday evening. So far, we have not planned where, but we will let you know. The dinner is a Dutch treat ("you pay for yourself"), but it may be fun to meet the other foreigners and the organization. We are also working on organizing a feast later that evening. You will enjoy :)

You may have more questions or remarks. Since the number of foreign visitors is still limited, we can personally assist you with your questions, preferably by email (bart@bartart.com) but also by phone, if required. +31 6 4553 0043



Schilderij van Kristel
The redhead meeting 2007 organized by ferocious efforts of a few. This year there is a larger team.
Jos: Artistic leader. Photographer Jos is responsible for the quality of the art that you will enjoy on the red hair day.
Reinier: Website builder. March and April are stressful for him, after that you can enjoy his work.
Arwi: Projectleader. If anything is finished on budget, on time, it is caused by Arwi.
Riquette: Redhead and organizer. She already planned two activities in detail.
Derk Jan: IT man and stage manager.
Tomas: Graphical designer. He works on a redhead-book.
Josine. Redhead and commercial support.
Linda: Redhead and binding factor. She organises the team.
Bart: Director of the whole event.
Want to help?

Painting of Mirjam, Zaza, Saskia and Kristel

Help is always welcome
- traveling to Holland may be even more fun if you take some more redheads along with you. Ask some fellow redheads in your neighborhood.
- press coverage in the Netherlands is large, but in other countries there is limited contact with the press. If you can assist us in contacting press, please do.





Schilderij van Milanne


Lat year, a redheaded girl wrote me proudly: "I was there, at the start, in 2005!"

Many redheads that attended the first meeting in 2005, were there during the second meeting. And many many redheads from  the second meeting asked my to organize a third meeting. It might be that these first three meetings, are the legendary fist meetings of of a long lasting ever growing spectacle. And in 10 year, you may say, I was there, in the very very beginning, while all redhead still fitted in the main church...

Time will tell...

Besides organizing the event I am working on a large number of new paintings. You see three recently completed paintings in this newsletter...


Bart Rouwenhorst
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The Netherlands
+31 6 4553 0043

MSN: schilderbart@hotmail.com

    photo: Maaike Hermes